A successful commercial roof installation in Morris County NJ resulted in something that I always dreamed of happening. The installation was the final piece of the puzzle for my own toy store. As a kid, I went to the toy store with my parents, and they would always let me pick out one toy to take home. I f I was a good boy, they would sometimes let me take home two. Those days made me want to open a toy store of my own, and years later, I made my dream a reality.

Some people say that having a toy store that competes with all of the other well known toy stores and major corporations would be a fools dream, but I didn’t listen to them. I wanted to have the toy store, and now that I do have it, the store gets a lot of business. There is something about a store run by a member of the community that makes it popular with people in the community. It also helps to have better prices than the other stores.

The store offers toys for everyone for any age, including babies and the elderly. The elderly love to play with a good toy just like everyone else. Sometimes it’s toys that they enjoyed in their youth, and other times it’s the new toys. Sometimes they come with their grandchildren to buy toys for them. In the middle of the store, there is a giant toy display that is made from snap together building bricks. This is main attraction of the store, because everyone is amazed at how many bricks it took to build the display. They then buy some of the bricks for themselves and attempt to build something similar to the display int heir own home. I currently have a contest going where the best build gets a free toy set.

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