My grandmother is nearly 96 years old, and she is the most independent person I know. She is my own personal hero for a number of reasons, and she continues to amaze not only me but everyone else who knows her too. About ten years ago, my grandfather died from cancer, and she insisted that she was going to continue to live in their home. She managed on her own up until this past year. She still lives on her own, but a company that provides senior home care in Long Island comes in daily to help her with various things.

The person who comes always makes sure she has taken her medication, but that is just one small thing they do. There are so many wonderful things they help her with, and not all of them involve them actually lifting a finger. She told me that one of her favorite things to do when some of them come is to tell them about life when she was their age. Most have never heard stories of the depression era from someone who has lived through it, so my gram has become a favorite for several of the home health aides and companions.

If she is not entertaining them with a story or memory, then they are helping her with other things. Sometimes they will cook her a nice meal that she can eat on for a few days. Other times, they will help clean her kitchen or living room, or they will go to the grocery store for her. They even help her to a doctor’s appointment if my sister or I are not able to take her ourselves. They do provide her with a good bit of help, which brings all of us in the family immense relief since she is nearly a century old!

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