I have decided that I am going to need a new laptop before the end of the year. The one that I have now is both old and it is not really a laptop under the conditions it is in. The battery is not really dead, but it does not last long enough to be of much real value in my day to day life. It is only useful if you are sitting at home with an electrical outlet. I may as well wait for the Cyber Monday 2016 laptop deals and sales to see what sort of price I can get, although I am guessing that I am going to be rather limited in the sum that I am going to be able to pay. Right now I figure that at most I would be able to afford something around five hundred and fifty dollars. I just want to see how to get the best deal I can though.

I am going to need something that has a good battery life to start out. I am usually going to be gone for nine or ten hours at a time. My current job has me out on the road for that much every day. You would think that the company would provide me with a laptop, but they expect you to have your own machine. That confused me when I started and I still have not really gotten a good explanation for it. If you have to use a machine for your work, which I do, then it seems as though you should get it from your boss. I am guessing that they are simply too cheap to do things the way that every other company in the world would do it. At least that seems to mesh with the other stuff I know about them.

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