My mom always said when life tosses you lemons, make a lemon pound cake. Though it is a twist on the old adage, it is one that I have always taken to heart. When something bad happens that I cannot undo, I always focus myself on making the best of a bad situation. When I lost my job a year ago, I wasn’t worried because I had unemployment benefits. I thought I would get a new job quickly, but then I fell and broke my leg. I ended up hiring a bankruptcy attorney in St Joseph County Indiana so I wouldn’t lose my house. That was my version of making a lemon pound cake out of my job loss and broken leg.

I suppose it is possible to find a job with a broken leg, but I didn’t have that kind of luck. Instead, I budgeted and dipped heavily into savings, and I still could not make ends meet. I knew I was at risk of losing my home because I was several months behind on my mortgage payment. The bank did understand my situation, and they did all they could to help me, but it was just not enough.

That is when I turned to a bankruptcy lawyer. I had no shame in doing this, because I was not in this position through any fault of my own. Sure, I could be blamed if I gambled instead of paid my bills or if I went out to eat every day instead of paying my mortgage. I have always been careful with my finances, but this was just out of my control. The bankruptcy lawyer that I hired was very nice and professional, and he gave me all of my options. I ended up not losing my home at all because of how it was handled, and I am so grateful for that!

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