Finding a cheaper television provider has been ridiculously hard as of late. With Comcast and Time Warner possibly merging, I have a feeling that they are going to have no reason to continue keeping their prices low. There will be very little in the way of competition against them, leaving the consumers to be exploited without mercy or shame. Looking for alternatives lead me to – a website detailing the savings an individual might get if they switched over to, say, satellite TV. A few years I actually had satellite television but whatever technology that they had been utilizing in order to broadcast and receive was absolutely atrocious, leaving me with fuzzy pictures or worse – none at all. After doing a bit of digging with Google’s help, I noticed several forums with current customers who were quite happy with their satellite services. Many of the comments spoke of how great the picture quality they received looked while some even praised the Internet service that they used through satellite. Curious enough to give it a try, I cancelled my Time Warner account (after hours of hassle) and gave my local satellite company a call. At least here in Las Vegas we don’t have to deal with a lot of crazy weather, it’s nearly the same every day which was a boon in my favor apparently! With few clouds and less rain to potentially disrupt my services (a rare occurrence I was told), I would be getting some of the best satellite service in the country. We’ll see in about a month after I’ve had time to digest all that they have to offer me. Maybe I’ll even convince my friends and family to switch over, assuming these guys live up to their promises! At least it’s going to be cheaper than Time Warner! I am definitely sicked of paying bloated prices with those guys.

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