The Freedom of Having a Choice

Insurance. It’s a concept that is pervaded our culture to the point that we cannot live our lives without having it in some fashion. It’s a thing that is inescapable and has become even more inescapable thanks to Obamacare. I love the idea of having socialized health insurance but when we are already penalized for not having car and home insurance? It’s horrible. How can a government look at the citizens and tell them that they no longer have the freedom of choice? How can they say that we have to be penalized just because we do not want health insurance? Isn’t it our right to not buy into this sort of corporate scheme? In the end, is that all that they are selling us? An insurance package disguised as socialized medicine that is in reality controlled by an entire industry which is not given any kind of oversight and can do as they see fit with their premiums?

It’s awful. Sure, I can understand the need for both a car and even home insurance.

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